• Lee Cohen


    Lee has served as Director of Hillel at Ben - Gurion University since July 2017. Lee began her work for Hillel in 2014 serving as the Jewish Agency Israel Fellow to Towson Hillel at Towson University in Maryland. As an Israel Fellow, Lee worked to connect students and different communities to Israel, to educate and raise awareness of pluralistic Judaism, and built and expanded a variety of programs. Before serving as an Israel Fellow Lee was a student at Ben-Gurion University where she received her BA in geography and environmental development. During her studies Lee led several delegations to England, taught environmental studies in elementary school, and worked as a research assistant.


  • Tal Weitzman

    Marketing and Advertising Coordinator

    Tal is a third year student in Education and Management. Tal's connection to Diaspora Jewry began with her mother who maid Aliya from the United States. Tal first heard about Hillel from her mother who was an active member of Hillel on her university campus. During Tal's army service she participated in the "Birthright" program and discovered the importance of the connection between Israeli and American Jewry. She continued her exploration of Diaspora Jewry by being part of an Israeli delegation to an American summer camp, sponsored by the Jewish Agency. This is Tal second year at Hillel, last year she was responsible for Public Relations and site management as part of her internship. This year she will coordinate the marketing and advertising of the center.  



  • Reut Tzadok

    Zechor Ve-Kabed coordinator

    Reut is a third year student in Social Work. She was first exposed to Hillel during her participation in a delegation to American summer camps sponsored by the Jewish Agency. She has extensive experience working with youth, especially with educational projects for Jewish youth in the Diaspora. Reut worked with programs such as "Masa" and "The Israel Experience." Last year she participated in a unique program in Germany which deals with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This is Reut second year at Hillel, last year she joined the center as the Marketing and Advertising Coordinator. This year she will coordinate the program Zechor Ve-Kabed out of identification with the values and activities of the organization. 



  • Shir Azaria

    Projector Manager

    Shir is a third year student in Political Science, European Studies and Settlement Dispute Management. This is Shir third year at Hillel, she joined Hillel Ben-Gurion in the framework of the social practicum supported by "Rothschild Ambassadors." During that y
    ear she also participated in Hillel’s "Zechor v’Kabed" program, through which she contributed to the wellbeing of Holocaust survivors in Beer Sheva. As a result of this meaningful experience, Shir asked to continue her activity with Hillel as coordinator of the "Echad Ha'am" program. The program includes volunteering with new immigrants of all ages. In addition, she took part in the "Hillel  "Olami" internship program in the "Tzedek v'Tikun Olam"
    This year She will be managing "Muza Project"


  • Yael Roumani

    Muza Project Coordinator

    Yael is a second year student in Communications and Art History at Ben-Gurion University. 

    She served as a Commander and Sergeant in the "Mechva Alon base", where she worked with different olim and new immigrants from around the world. After finishing her service, Yael took part in a three-month volunteer program in Ethiopia called "Project Ten", and even speaks a little Amharic. After coming back to Israel, she initiated a hike in memory of the fallen solders of Operation Protective Edge that covered the entire Israel National Trail.
    She first came across Hillel while visiting her cousins at Washington University. Yael loves creativity, entrepreneurship, social and community projects and the connection between all of them. That’s how she came to be the coordinator of the "Muza Project" which brings young artists from the University and the city of Beer Sheva  together.


  • Hagit Marsha

    Masa Beikvot Initiative Coordinator

    Hagit is a fourth-year medical student at Ben Gurion University. She was exposed to the Hillel Ben-Gurion Center through a scholarship from “Minhal Hastudentim Haolim”, and chose to volunteer in Hillel because of the great importance of assimilating the Jewish identity and meaningful work of the organization. Hagit accompanies the students who returned from the delegations of the “Masa Beikvot” program while planning and running projects which are going to benefit local communities.  




  • Maayan Sharon

    Masa Beikvot Coordinator

    Maayan is a student in her first year of politics, government and communications at Ben Gurion University. During her army service as a social worker for soldiers in the Engineering Corps, she participated in "Taglit", where she met American Jews and was exposed for the first time to Israel's important international connections. After the she finished her service in the army, she flew to a summer camp in Wisconsin, on behalf of the Jewish Agency, and returned there a year later, and two years later as the head of the delegation. Maayan worked in the sorting team for the summer camps. In the past year, she worked as a coordinator of delegations at the "Eighth Star" youth club in Herzliya, and has organized youth delegations to Berlin, England and Russia. Maayan coordinates the "Masa Beikvot" program, which deals with the complexity of Jewish-Russian-Israeli identity. The goal is to raise the complex issues of these identities to the awareness of university students.


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