Hillel fosters meaningful relationships between student communities from Israel and abroad through student delegations. Our goal is to enable an open, egalitarian and pluralistic venue for students to express and refine their Jewish identity as they see it.
The participating students often say "We embarked on this journey as Israelis and we returned as Jews." These are the life-shaping experiences we aim to provide.

In this year, (2015-2016) our programs included five delegations: two to North America, two to Eastern Europe and one to Europe:

1. Phoenix- A group of students from Hillel BGU is participating in a year-long program-"Phoenix"- which among other things includes a trip to Poland and Lithuania together with 65 students from the Former Soviet Union, a preparation process, vast discussions and learning opportunities in the area of Jewish Peoplehood, and post-delegation activities.
This program is supported and initiated by The Genesis Philanthropic Group.

2.  Israeli StudenTour- A delegation of students from Hillel Israel campuses to Hillel centers on the West Coast in the US. The mission of the StudenTour is to connect Israeli students to US students by encouraging dialogue and creating worldwide contacts between them. Furthermore the StudenTour encourages the recognition of the broad Jewish family scattered around the world. 

3. Hillel Olami- Hillel Olami is a new, innovative and unique project which highlights global Jewish Peoplehood among young adults on college campuses. Hillel Olami seeks to deepen and explore our intrinsic relationship within the complex and changing landscape of Jewish Peoplehood through an intensive internship-based network of clusters of Hillel students invested in strengthening their bond to the Jewish State, Jewish identity, renewal and continuity. This project is a partnership between five CUNY Hillel Centers and the eight Hillel Israel Centers and is supported by a grant from the UJA Federation of New York. 

4. Triple Amiyut Program- This unique program brings together young people from Hillel BGU, Hillel Montreal and Hillel Germany. The program includes international delegation held in Berlin and Hamburg. The delegation is intended to deepen the ties between Jewish students in the world and strengthen the sense of Peoplehood among them. This program is supported by the Wohl Global Hillel Grant.

5. Delegation with Hillels from Eastern Europe- For the third consecutive year, Hillel Ben-Gurion participated in a delegation organized by Hillel Minsk and Hillel CASE. The six Israeli students joined their peers in a ten-day journey following Jewish life in Eastern Europe. This summer they visited Poland and Belarus, volunteered in cleaning and renovating the Jewish cemetery in Gomel, and learned about the Jewish community there.


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