• What is Hillel Israel's goal?

    Hillel Israel seeks to emphasize the relevance of Jewish life to today's Israeli students and young adults, inspiring them to explore their Jewish identity and to feel a sense of belonging to "The Global Jewish People."

  • What are Hillel Israel's primary activities?

    Different than in many Hillels outside of Israel, we do not seek to work with the Jewish minority in a non-Jewish surrounding.  Our unique mission is to engage a layer of future leaders for the State of Israel, who, as a result of their Hillel Israel cultivation, will disseminate the Peoplehood discourse into our society. We  aspire to both strengthen Jewish identity among Israeli students through exposure to the diversity and multi-faceted character of Jewish life abroad, AND to serve as the hub of global initiatives for the entire Hillel network Hillel Israel creates encounters with Jews from abroad, exposing Israeli students to Jewish life and tradition outside of Israel.  We do this through sending delegations of students to communities outside of Israel, hosting visiting groups of students from abroad, volunteering and community service, and creating programs on learning and enrichment of Jewish culture, leadership development, and deepening familiarity with Israeli Society.  These events enable the Israeli student to experience, then teach, about living Judaism in a fresh and exciting way.

  • What is the relationship between the global organization, Hillel, and Hillel Israel?

    Hillel Israel is the Israel Center of Global Hillel and is an integral part of its operation. Hillel Israel simultaneously serves as the headquarters of the organization's national activities and as the "home base" of the international collaboration between the different countries which operate within its framework.

  • Why do you need a Hillel in Israel?

    While young Israelis speak Hebrew and follow the cycle of the Jewish calendar, many perceive Judaism as only a religion. They view Jewish tradition as outdated, inaccessible, or irrelevant to their lives. Hillel Israel seeks to emphasize the relevance of Jewish life to today's Israeli students and young adults, inspiring them to explore their Jewish identity and to feel a sense of belonging to "The Global Jewish People." Hillel Israel engages over 20,000 Israeli students per year in meaningful Jewish experiences.

  • What is the structure of the organization?

    The management of Hillel Israel is located at "Beit Hillel" in Jerusalem and is responsible for the operation and monitoring of the activities of eight Hillel Centers nationwide. Each of the centers has a local director who manages a program director, program coordinators, interns and scholarship recipients. The scope of staff varies from center to center depending on the volume of activity and the number of projects and programs operating within it.


    Where are the centers of Hillel Israel?

    Israel Hillel Centers can be found in universities and colleges throughout the country, from Tel Hai in the north to the Be'er sheeva in the south. Click here for the full list of centers.

  • Is Hillel Israel a not-for profit organization?


    Hillel Israel is a non-profit organization recognized in Israel by the registrar of non-profit companies and by the Israel Tax Authority. Donations to Hillel Israel are tax deductible in Israel or in the United States.

  • Who are the people and organizations who support Hillel Israel?

    More than 80 organizations, foundations, non-profit organizations, companies, national .institutions and government offices are partners, supporters and donors of Hillel Israel

    For a list of our partner organizations and supporters, click here.
    For a list of our board members, click here.
    For a list of our Society of Patrons, click here.

  • I would like to support your activities. Who should I contact?

    Thank you for your willingness to support our work.  You can contact us in several ways .which are listed here

    In addition, you can donate directly through our website page by clicking "Support Us."

  • I am interested in becoming active in Hillel. Who should I contact?

    !We welcome you to take part in our Hillel activities across the country 

    You can contact us here or alternatively, you are welcome to contact the relevant campus Hillel Director directly.

  • I am interested in working for Hillel. Who should I contact?

    Thank you for your interest in working within our organization. Typically, job opportunities are posted on this site or on our Facebook page.


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