Media and marketing coordinator

Hillel IDC, in partnership with The Raphael Recanati International School's Social and Cultural Program,offer international and Israeli students various opportunities to connect around events, programs and holidays that emphasize the relevance of the Global Jewish family to us all. 

Main responsibilities:
- Management of Hillel IDC social media.
- Respond to email and Facebook messages.
- Content writing on the various publicity channels 

Job requirements: 
- Developing creative marketing.
- Writing bi-weekly e-newsletter.
- Working with graphic design and IDC spokesman unit.
- Market Hillel IDC on the various channels and options.
- Creating a work plan for Hillel IDC Facebook page.
- Management of media and marketing volunteers
- Participate in bi weekly staff meetings. 
- Participate in Hillel events and staff obligations during the academic year. 
- Creation of an annual work plan with Hillel IDC Director, including events and SMART goals. 
- Weekly meeting with Hillel IDC director 

Skills and qualifications:
 - Experience in Social media management.
- Ability to work independently and with a team. 
- Creative, responsible, organized, resourceful with a desire to take initiative.     

- The position is for the academic year of 2015-2016. 
- The coordinator will be accountable to the Hillel Director who will guide and help to manage the center's ongoing operations 
- Communication: Most of the communication is via phone, text and email. Therefore, it is essential for the coordinators to respond within a maximum of 36 hours.   
- In case of predicted absence (miluim, illness, private matters), the coordinator needs to update Hillel IDC Director in advance. 
Hillel IDC commits to:
- Train and prepare the coordinator to the best of our ability. 
- Support the coordinator in order for him/her to perform his/her best. 
- Enrich both personally and professionally in Hillel's fields of work.
- Define the coordinators schedule, as much as possible. 



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