Connecting to Israel's national Holidays by foot

The season between Pesach, Holocaust Remembrance Day, Israel's Memorial Day (Yom Hazikaron) and Independence Day (Yom Ha'atzmaut) is a unique to Israel. No other nation or country has so many important holidays so close to each other. 
We tranfer from the collective memory of becoming a nation (Pesach), into a national tragedy (the Holocaust), and 2 days that are both very pesonal and collective. 

For the second year in a row, we go on a joint trip for Israeli and internatioanl students to examine the connection between these holidays and ourselves.

What's planned?

  • Ha-Masrek Reserve to Shayarot Range (Reches Shayarot)
  • The Kiryat Anavim cemetery
  • Visit to the Scroll of Fire monument near moshav Ksalon.
  • Meet at IDC at 7:30AM, expected return to IDC at 4:00PM
  • What should you bring with you? Hiking shoes (not flip flops or crocs!!!)), 2 bottles of water (1.5L each), a hat, sunscreen, snacks (if you want). Sandwiches and fruit will be provided! 
The trip this year is completely FREE! 

For registration for the trip, fill in the form below until ends Wednesday, April 26th, 2017, at 5:00PM.  


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Hillel at IDC Herzliya
P.O. Box 167 Herzliya
46150 Israel

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