Weekly Gemarah Shiur

The Hillel IDC Talmud class is focused on developing each student's abilities to break down complicated philosophies. The ancient and wise text of Talmud קידושין is a tremendous asset for anyone that is thinking about being in a serious relationship. Anyone that puts in the effort to understand it's hidden meeting will reap the rewards. This class endeavours to unveil the hidden secrets of the Talmud by instilling participants with the necessary skills to continue to learn on their own.
The weekly shiur takes place in the Richard Allen Julis (Raphael Avraham Ben Moshe) Prayer Room on IDC Herzliya campus.
The Shiur is kindly sponsored by Dov Kesselman

For more information and registration: infoIDC@hillelisrael.org


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Hillel at IDC Herzliya
P.O. Box 167 Herzliya
46150 Israel 


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