Picture Gallery

Student participants in the initiative. 
10 Days of Gratitude - April 2018
Shabbat Ethiopian style - June 2018

 Student Painting.
Art To Get - January 2018
A student volunteering. 
Good Deeds Day - March 2018

Woman testifying. 
Memories in the living room - April 2018

 Students Smilling.
Hillel Olami- January 2017

Creating Language - January 2017

Picture booth.
Promoting Unity - December 2017 
Group dancing.
Night at the Museum - March 2016
Group picture. 
Hillel Olami- April 2016
Shabbaton IDC - December 2016

 Students smilling.
Moroccan Style Shabbat Dinner - February 2016
Student volunteer
Good deeds day 2016 
Students attending the event.
Olim Labama - March 2016 
 Group picture.
Phoenix Delegation - October 2015
Students smilling. 
Lady with Baskets - November 2015
students with Challa 
Baking Justice - January 2016
 A student speaking.
National Staff Training - October 2015 

Hillel Sapir Staff.
Opening the new academic Year - October 2015
Students dancing.
 Simply Singing - October 2015
Group Picture.
Odyssey to Odessa - May 2015
Group picture.

Phoenix 2 Picture Collection - September 2015
Zachor vKabed at Hillel Sapir - october 2015
Two students smilling.
Lag bOmer - May 2015
Simply Singing - April 2015
Student lighting candle. Awareness-Raising Events 2015
Volunteering with children 
Good Deeds Day - March 2015

Two students smilling
Shabbaton Negev - March 2015
Student playing the guitar.
ASB Peoplehood Trip to Uruguay - March 2015  
 Three Hillel staff in Jerusalem.
Hillel Senior Staff and Lay Leaders Study Trip to Israel - January 2015

Students with President of Hillel International.

The Israeli StudenTour - Feb 2015

Man in costum

Purim at Hillel IDC - March 2015 
Students smilling to the camera.

Joint event for students and Holocaust survivors 

Picture of audience.

Simply Singing December 2014 

Women discussion group.
The Holocaust in Haredi Eyes - Hillel Sapir January 2015 
Rotem with the award. Hillel International Global Assembly – December 2014
Group picture.
Fundraising event for WWII veterans and Holocaust survivors - December 2014 

Student eating holiday snacks.

Lighting Candles in a Jewish Peoplehood Style
 Eric speaking with a student.
President of Hillel International in Israel - November 2014

Two students and elderly.
Volunteering with Holocaust survivors - Hanukkah‬ 2014 

Group Picture.

Spreading the light of Hanukkah – December 2014 
 Crowd at concert.
Simply Singing Event in Jerusalem – November 2014
Group picture.
ConnecTech Delegation to Boston – November 2014
A small student group is talking in a circle.
Kol Israel Study Session - November 2014 
 Leonid with a smiling student after his session.
Phoenix Study Session with Leonid Iankovsky - October 2014
Students palying social game during dinner.
Halloween-theme Shabbat Dinner at Hillel BGU – October 2014 

Staff Group Picture.

National Staff Training – October 2014

B'sisa Event, April 2014, Hillel at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Group Picture.
Hillel Delegation to Belarus and Poland August 2014
Three of Hillel Sapirs Student Coordinators.
Opening the new academic Year - October 2014
סטודנטית מזכור וכבד מנחה בטקס יום הזיכרון לשואה ולגבורה בחיפה
Student-led Shoa Ceremony, April 2014, Hillel at Haifa University
מפגש הכנה פניקס- ביד ושם, אפריל 2014
"Phoenix" Pre-Seminar Sessions, March and April 2014, Hillel at Ben Gurion University

Delegation to Montreal Preparation Sessions, March and April 2014, Hillel at Ben Gurion University

Hillel at Tel Hai College Student Delegation to the UK, March 2014
קריאת מגילה בפאב מקומי בהרצליה
Megillah Reading, Purim 2014, Hillel at IDC Herzliya
מכינים מסיכות
Mask Design Competition, Purim 2014, Hillel at Sapir Academic College
הסטודנטים שלנו מהללים בישראל, ניו יורק ואוקראינה שולחים ד'ש חמה מריו דה ג'נרו, ברזיל!!
Kol Hillel Delegation to Brazil, January 2014, Hillel at IDC Herzliya

In Search of the Tribal Fire, January 2014
סטודנטיות בדוכן הלל בבינתחומי הרצליה
Tabling at Hillel at IDC Herzliya, February 2014
זכור וכבד מפגש פתיחה באוניברסיטת חיפה תשע'ד
Zachor v'Kabed First Study Session of the Year, Hillel at Haifa University
פאנל היורדים החדשים
The New Emigrants, November 2013, Hillel at Ben Gurion University
Volunteering at a soup kitchen
Connectech – Hillel at Technion Student Delegation to Hillel MIT (Boston), November 2013


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