10 Days of Gratitude - April 2018

Hillel TAU students executed heartfelt programs including an “I am grateful for” board, gratitude study circles, and a gratitude challenge to personally give thanks to as many new and veteran immigrants as possible as part of the beautiful and moving initiative, 10 Days of Gratitude.

The Hillel Tel Aviv initiative is supported by Genesis Philanthropy Group as part of the Connectors program.

The “Ten Days of Gratitude” weave the days from Yom Ha’Shoah to Yom Ha’atzmaut together with a thread of gratitude and provides us with a chance to appreciate and give thanks for the accomplishments, achievements and successes of our nation, integrating gratitude into our way of being for this period of national reflection. It was created by alumni from the pluralistic Israeli Beit Midrash, Ein Prat.




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    Days of Gratitude 02

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    Days of Gratitude 03

  • Discussioncircle

    Days of Gratitude 04

    Gratitude study circle
  • Gratitudestudycircle

    Days of Gratitude 05

    Gratitude study circle
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    Days of Gratitude 01


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