Lighting Candles in a Jewish Peoplehood Style

This year, our students at Hillel IDC were lighting candles in the spirit of Jewish Peoplehood. Each night a different Jewish community was highlighted. On the first night of ‪Hanukkah‬, Alexander J. Klein, a student from Romania spoke about the holiday in his home community. On the second night of Hanukkah, Yarin Weltsman, a student from South Africa shared her memories from Hanukkah in SA. and so on.
What a great way to connect to the wider Jewish family!




  • Candlelighting8

    Sixth night of Hanukkah 1

  • Candlelighting11

    Sixth night of Hanukkah 4

  • Candlelighting9

    Sixth night of Hanukkah 2

  • Candlelighting10

    Sixth night of Hanukkah 3

  • Candlelighting8

    Fourth night of Hanukkah 1

  • Candlelighting3

    First night of Hanukkah 3

  • Candlelighting2

    First night of Hanukkah 2

  • Candlelighting7

    First night of Hanukkah 7

  • Candlelighting4

    First night of Hanukkah 4

  • Candlelighting5

    First night of Hanukkah 5

  • Candlelighting6

    First night of Hanukkah 6

  • Candlelighting1

    First night of Hanukkah 1


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