Spreading the light of Hanukkah – December 2014

Spreading the light of ‪‎Hanukkah‬! 45 students from Hillel TAU created a Hanukkah event for Holocaust survivors in Tel-Aviv. The students and elderly spent the day chatting, eating sufganiyot, singing Hanukkah songs and filling the space with joy and laughter.
This volunteering event was held in collaboration with the TAU Student Union and was part of the Zachor v'Kabed program, a national ‪‎Hillel‬ project which combines study sessions and volunteering with and for Holocaust survivors in Israel. The project operates in Hillels across Israel and is supported by a grant from the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany.





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    Volunteering event 1

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    Volunteering event 17

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    Volunteering event 16

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    Volunteering event 15

  • Studentsandelderlytogether

    Volunteering event 14

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    Volunteering event 10

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    Volunteering event 13

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    Volunteering event 12

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    Volunteering event 11

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    Volunteering event 9

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    Volunteering event 8

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    Volunteering event 7

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    Volunteering event 6

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    Volunteering event 5

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    Volunteering event 4

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    Volunteering event 2

  • Studentplayingmusic

    Volunteering event 3


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