• Amcha

    Amcha - The code word that helped survivors identify fellow Jews in war ravaged Europe now stands for another kind of support system: The opportunity for survivors and their families to unburden their hearts and share their life stories with another person. Amcha has steadily expanded over the past years. Today there are 12 centers that operate throughout the country, and various programs are provided also in many other locations. Over 190 mental health professionals and 600 volunteers provide services to almost 10,000 clients. Amcha has earned a reputation around the world for its work, and the integrity, competence, and professionalism it brings to every project. It has opened its doors to various survivor communities all around Israel and has established state-of-the-art mental health clinics, social support networks and home care services for the aged in these locations. Through its pioneering work, Israel is today filled with psychosocial support centers that offer services specifically for Holocaust survivors, in their own language.

  • Genesis Philanthropy Group

    Genesis Philanthropy Group’s mission is to develop and enhance a sense of Jewish identity among Russian-speaking Jews worldwide, with a particular emphasis on the former Soviet Union, North America, and Israel, where up to three million Russian-speaking Jews reside. They are committed to supporting and launching projects, programming, and institutions that are focused on ensuring that Jewish culture, heritage, and values are preserved in Russians-speaking Jewish communities across the globe. Genesis Philanthropy Group believes that informed and engaged Russian-speaking Jews will contribute to the cultural enrichment of their communities, strengthen the Jewish community and support the betterment of humanity.
    Genesis Philanthropy Group

  • Kol Hanegev Radio Station

    The Radio station is operated by students from Sapir Academic College.
    Kol Hanegev (Hebrew Website)

  • Migvan - Urban Kibbutz in Sderot

    Migvan (Hebrew Website)

  • Netivim Center in Sderot

    Netivim Center was established to help young adults fulfill their potential in Sderot.  The Center supports young adults ages 18-35 who are unemployed or did not complete their education, and has outreach activities to attract more young people to Sderot, targeting young adults who have recently completed their army service, immigrants, single mothers and more.
    Netivim (Hebrew website)

  • Ruach Tova

    Ruach-Tova is the one-stop shop for any individual, group or organization wishing to volunteer, and for any person, group or organization requiring aid. Ruach-Tova took upon itself the task of developing volunteerism in Israel – and to do so, they provide counseling, guidance and assistance to both the volunteers and the recipients of their help.
    Ruach Tova

  • Sapir Academic College

    The College’s unique history makes it highly significant as a center for higher education for many hundreds of residents in outlying areas from Ashdod in the north to Beer Sheva in the south, from Kiryat Gat in the east to the Eshkol region settlements in the south-west. This area covers a population numbering over a million Israeli citizens, including some 120,000 Bedouins. Sapir's goal is to counterbalance the disparity in education, culture and economics of the major cities over the periphery.  
    Sapir Academic College

  • Sderot Cinematheque

    The Sderot Cinematheque was founded in 1999. The Sderot Cinematheque is the first educational and cultural institution dedicated to cinema in Southern Israel. It was established with the aim of bringing public attention to cultural life for the population in the southern part of the country and also to help close the cultural gap between the central and peripheral areas of Israel.
    Sderot Cinematheque

  • Sha'ar HaNegev Regional Council

    Sha'ar HaNegev Regional Council (Hebrew Website) 

  • Shabbat Unplugged Project - Amutat Shearim

    Shabbat Unplugged (Hebrew Website)

  • Student Union - Sapir College

    The Student Union of Sapir College serves as the official representative body of all Sapir College students.
    Hebrew Website

  • The City of Sderot Municipality

    The City of Sderot Municipality (Hebrew Website)

  • The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany

    The mission of the Claims Conference over its history has always been to secure what they consider a small measure of justice for Jewish victims of Nazi persecution. They have pursued this goal since 1951 through negotiations with the German government that provide for payments directly to individual survivors and grants to social welfare organizations serving survivors. Through funding from the Successor Organization they seek the return or restitution of Jewish property lost during the Holocaust and funding for Shoah Research, Education, and Documentation projects. The Claims Conference also administers allocations from the German Foundation and the Swiss Banks Settlement. The Claims Conference is also addressing the needs of the aging population of Jewish victims of Nazi persecution through grants to organizations.
    The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany

  • The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

    The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews was founded in 1983 by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein to promote understanding between Jews and Christians and build broad support for Israel and other shared concerns. Their vision is that Jews and Christians will reverse their 2,000-year history of discord and replace it with a relationship marked by dialogue, respect, and cooperation.
    The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews 

  • The Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism

    The Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism (IMPJ) is Israel's liberal Jewish religious movement and a constituent member of the World Union for Progressive Judaism.

  • The Jewish Agency for Israel

    The Jewish Agency for Israel connects Jews with Israel, with one another, with their heritage, and with our collective future.
    The Jewish Agency for Israel

  • The Joseph and Harvey Meyerhoff Family Charitable Funds


    The Joseph and Harvey Meyerhoff Family Charitable Funds are a group of funds established over the years by Joseph “Joe” and Rebecca Meyerhoff and their son and daughter-in-law, Harvey “Bud” and Lyn Meyerhoff. The funds allow the family to make significant contributions to improve the quality of life for Baltimore, and in the Jewish community locally, nationally, in the former Soviet Union, and in Israel

    Bud and Lyn’s four children and ten grandchildren currently steward the group of funds, carrying out their parents’ and grandparents’ legacy. All agree that the family's deep historical connection to Baltimore calls for continued investment there, as well as with projects affecting the Jewish people. They make grants to cultural and educational institutions, and community and service organizations.   Bud and Lyn’s children also manage a separate fund – devoted to Jewish education and leadership development – with their cousins, Eleanor Meyerhoff Katz’s children.

    The Joseph Meyerhoff Building on Mount Scopus Campus of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, has been home for Hillel Israel since its establishment in the early 1970’s. Hillel Israel’s connections with the Meyerhoff Family Charitable Funds have been close ever since, through the Meyerhoff’s support of Hillel centers in the periphery and recently, more specifically, the Hillel of Sapir College in Sderot. Additionally – the Meyerhoff Family Charitable Funds played a leading role in the recent capital campaign to renovate Hillel Israel’s auditorium , “The Rachel Simon Hillel Theater” in memory of Rachel Simon z”l.  

    The Meyerhoff Foundation

  • The Joseph S and Caroline Gruss Life Monument Fund for the Advancement of IDF Veterans

    The Joseph S. & Caroline Gruss Life Monument Fund for the Advancement of I.D.F Veterans was established in 1988. After establishing itself in the field of scholarship assistance, determining its target populations and establishing the projects division, the Fund has made great efforts to increase and enhance partnerships with other agencies according to the strategic plan approved by the Board of Trustees. This enables the Fund to broaden and deepen its activities and reach many more ex-servicemen. The Fund has grown from a small organization distributing scholarships to a number of target populations to a vast dynamic body affecting the lives of thousands of young men and women throughout the country who have completed their military or national service. 

  • The Next Step

    The Next Step takes action in developing and guiding internships and in leading a conscious change among employers, students and academics. Through the internship practice, The Next Step creates bridges by which students make a smooth transition from the world of higher education to the employment world through acquiring significant field experience. Gaining such practical experience, along with a set of employability skills, improves our graduates' starting point in the real world. 


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