MIT - the Massachusetts Institute of Technology - and the Technion - the Israel Institute of Technology, are two institutions with more in common than their names: they attract some of the finest students and faculty in the world, explore cutting-edge research in science and technology, and create environments focused on innovation and discovery. ConnecTech brings Jewish students  at the two institutions even closer together through Hillel at MIT and Hillel Technion.
ConnecTech is a year-long fellowship beginning in the spring semester. The primary focus is on student interaction-- creating personal bonds between small core groups of students at each institute and strengthening a sense of Jewish Peoplehood. The students take part in  one-on-one text study throughout the year. Students host and also travel to the other's campuses to see the culture, innovative technology ventures, and create people-to-people bridges between the two communities.
ConnecTech is part of Combined Jewish Philanthropy’s Boston-Haifa Connection.

ConnecTech students from MIT and Technion meet innovator Dr.Kira Radinsky during Bostonian delegtation to Israel in June 2014


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Hillel at Technion
Haifa, Israel

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