Hillel at Tel Hai Academic College

Hillel at Tel Hai Academic College was founded in 2007. Hillel Tel Hai serves as a platform where students can explore and deepen their connections to the surrounding community and the Jewish People in general. The Center's activities include delegations abroad, experiential sessions with foreign students and community volunteer projects that combine in-depth study on community and Peoplehood. Tel Hai College is located at the northern tip of Israel and allows for varied opportunities to get to know different aspects of Israeli society and for meaningful encounters with students from around the world.

Hillel at Tel Hai College Student Delegation to the UK, March 2014, in collaboration with P2G
Student Delegation to England


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Hillel at Tel Hai Academic College
Office of the Dean of Students
DN Galil Elyon, Kiryat Shmonah
Israel 12210


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